Love on Instagram: I’m Not Interested

Finding love on Instagram may work for some people but I am not interested. So, why not have a seat, Licksandlove88?

Andrea Duran


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Has anyone truly found love on Instagram? No, I am not talking about dates or bar meetups. I am talking about a real, loving, authentic relationship that seemed to be going somewhere, at some point. I haven’t and I am not on Instagram looking for it either. Instagram seems to have become a platform used for ogling, flirting, sexting, dating, and cheating. Unlike Instagram user Bobsgotbigballs76, I am not looking for love or some cheapened form of it.

So, please, for the love of Buddha, stop sending me thirty messages a day asking why I won’t give you the time of day!

I’m fairly new to social media. I created it for the first time in February of 2020 because I wanted to branch out as a writer and had been advised to create a name for myself online.

And, if you go to my page you will find that it is primarily book reviews, quotes, and personal writing. Once in a while, I will post a personal photo. But, this doesn’t seem to matter to anyone. That one photo posted once a month is enough to garner the attention of several, drooling, blood-hungry men who see it as a personal invitation to the panty party. Excuse me but if I wanted to invite you to my panty party, I surely would myself!

Sometimes there will be several offers to take me out to a bar, to dinner, an invitation to bake together.

Sometimes it is much more straightforward and they will send D — pics with the phrase, “You down?” And, I will send back a photo of someone else’s D — pic with the caption, “No, but he is.” (Special thanks to Shauna Dewit on TikTok for that marvelous idea by the way.)

My last article, Choosing to Be Single On Purpose, caused a flurry of men to DM me, claiming they wanted to be single too and therefore I needed to drive to their place three hours away immediately so we can further discuss just how we can do it, together just as the Lord intended.

Some of them truly thought they were reading between the lines and my article was actually a statement about my wallowing loneliness. No, it is not. Also, my reviews on…



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