Amber Heard Not Lying: Depp’s Defamation Trial Proved She was a Victim of Abuse

Johnny Depp’s trial proved mutual defamation and that Amber Heard’s earlier claims of abuse were true

Andrea Duran


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The verdict has been reached. Johnny Depp won his defamation trial against ex-wife Amber Heard and has been awarded $10 million in the defamation lawsuit and $5 million in punitive damages.

The defamation trial is based on the Washington op-ed piece Amber Heard wrote alleging to be the victim of domestic abuse. Johnny Depp won the trial proving, in a court of law, the articles to be defamatory.

Amber Heard couldn’t provide enough physical evidence of domestic abuse six years later in a court of law, allowing the jury panel of seven (majority men) to rule in majority favor of Depp.

People forget Amber Heard is not a time-traveling witch with the ability to conjure up visual flashbacks of physical and emotional abuse.

Even when she spoke up about her feelings regarding her marriage, her abusers continued to abuse her.

The defamation trial may have cleared Johnny Depp of abuse but it unveiled Amber Heard was NOT technically lying:

Amber Heard was and still is the victim of abuse.

Amber Heard Tells One Truth

Before the defamation trial, nobody knew who the real victim was. Fans sided with who they trusted more and who the media told them was a victim.

Amber Heard was not technically lying, however.

One thing she is adamant about in her Washington Op-Ed piece is that she received a barrage of bullying, harassment, and death threats during her divorce against her influential A-list actor ex-husband.

One truth uncovered during the trial is that Amber Heard was the victim of abuse, manipulation, and emotional distress.

Amber Heard was the victim of the media.

And after everything portrayed throughout the media, it is obvious she is not lying in that sense.



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