This made me laugh and that doesn’t happen often on Medium so thank you for the giggles! You’re absolutely right about everything.

Everyone is different and we all have various journeys in life. Just because you’re married doesn’t mean you’ve figured out the answer to everyone else’s problems, certainly not even yours. I am about to be 30 and I’m single. But I’ve been in relationships, I’ve broken off an engagement, I had a miscarriage a few months ago, and I struggled with addiction for 6 years.

But these married, judgmental people wouldn’t know that unless they were in a relationship with me. They wouldn’t know that I’ve barely started therapy, healing from years of trauma, and barely learning to maneuver through romantic relationships with maturity. No. Instead they see that I’m 30 with no kids and no husband though, and they making insulting assumptions like, “Men don’t want to marry you because (insert rude comment here.)”

They assume I’m the problem. They assume men don’t like me. They assume I’m not marriage material. Because I don’t meet their expectations that are entirely based on THEIR assumptions, THEIR judgments, THEIR beliefs.

Not mine or men’s. And the women who make the most comments like these, tend to be the unhappiest anyway.

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